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Volume 4 Issue 3
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To study the Economic and Environmental Development through Tourism Sector in Jammu and Kashmir


The economy of any developing Country, aiming to pursue tourism, as a development strategy needs fast and efficient implementation of Environmental Management principles in order to achieve its desired growth potential. Land and other bio-physical resources are finite. Therefore, the only way to enhance economic growth is better innovation and efficient management of resources. This paper examines the present economic and environmental factors and its role in achieving sustainable tourism development. It further aims to explain the environmental management to clarify the interrelationship between sustainable tourism and environmental management. The paper gives a brief analysis of the development of economy and environmental issues through the Tourism perspective in Jammu and Kashmir. Tourism sector is the back boon of Jammu and Kashmir’s business community. Many business ventures are economically dependent on this vary industry. The Department of Tourism, J&K is the main developmental, promotional and regulatory arm of tourism development in J&K. Its main role comprises of overall planning and execution of schemes for the development, up-gradation and improvement of the tourism infrastructure in different parts of the State.

Key Words

Tourism development, Environmental management, Economic development

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"To study the Economic and Environmental Development through Tourism Sector in Jammu and Kashmir", International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (, ISSN:2349-5162, Vol.4, Issue 3, page no.40-43, March-2017, Available :

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Impact factor: 4.14

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