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Volume 4 Issue 3
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Experimental CIE L*a*b* D50 colour and moisture analysis of fruits and vegetables stored in different conditions


Harvested fruits and vegetables needs to be kept fresh until it reaches to consumer. The food supply chain has to maintain suitable storage condition so as to maintain the nutrition, vitamin and colour value of fruits and vegetables. This experiment aims to study the colour change and moisture reduction in fruits and vegetables during storage in freezer, crisper and expose to atmospheric condition. Botanically, vegetables used in experiment belong to solanaceae family and fruits used are classified as hesperidium, fleshy and aggregate fruits. High definition photos of fruits and vegetables were taken and converted into CIE L*a*b* colour space using MATLAB 2015a V2.1 and reproducing the colour using CIE L*a*b* D50 colour appearance model in Adobe Photoshop Creative Studio 6 V13.0.1. The moisture loss for group of same classified category of fruits and vegetable family does not show any relation to each other but the trend in changing colour seems identical among them under respective storage condition.

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"Experimental CIE L*a*b* D50 colour and moisture analysis of fruits and vegetables stored in different conditions", International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (, ISSN:2349-5162, Vol.4, Issue 3, page no.44-49, March-2017, Available :

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Published In: Volume 4 | Issue 3 | Year March-2017
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Page No: 44-49
ISSN Number: 2349-5162

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Impact factor: 5.87

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