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Volume 4 Issue 4
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ABSTRACT: In early days there is so many work efforts for human being they required lots of man power for there working. Because of this they required more time to complete their work. In today’s world, there is need of time management and also security, safety of shops. So we are designing this system .To ensure security and safety of our medical shop we design the “voice based intelligent medical shop” by using voice recoganisation. In that by using different electronic module like ARM7, IR Sensor, DC Motor, Mice, DC Motor drive, LCD etc. In system voice data from the user is given as input to system using mice to PC . In PC the voice data is process in MATLAB where the voice identification process is carry out using signal processing tool . When the voice processing is carried out the data is send to microcontroller .In microcontroller according to the voice the drover is opening and closing using dc motor and the driver IC Microcontroller send signal to driver IC and according to microcontroller the dc motor operates .IR sensor is to detect the obstruct so that the drover will be close after few second according to requirement. This system is more advantages like highly flexible, quick response time and fully automated.

Key Words

matlab ,lpc2138,voice procssing

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