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Critical causes of Contractor’s failure in Indian Construction Industry


— This research discusses the main causes of contractor’s failure in Indian construction industry. The objective of this research has been achieved by means of questionnaire survey. The survey included 59 factors they were collected through various literature review and they were listed below 6 main groups namely administration, financial, environmental, expansion, construction and political. Five point Ordinal scale was used in the questionnaire. The questionnaire included fifty nine questions distributed to ninety construction companies. Seventy three questionnaires from which received and analyzed to determine the severity of each factor affecting contractor’s failure. The statistical analysis was done using SPSS 15 to determine critical factors of a company failure. Reliability test has been done to identify the consistency of the questionnaire survey. Quantitative statistical analysis for questionnaire was done to rank the severity of causes of contractor’s failure in Indian construction industry. The opinions of contractors regarding the severity of each cause are to be checked by Analysis of Variance Post hoc test. Case study has been conducted for projects to validate the severity of critical factors so identified according to the actual performance.

Key Words

Contractor’s failure, Questionnaire Survey, Statistical Analysis, Analysis of Variance

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