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Wireless Charging For Mobile Devices


Our purpose is to develop a project in which an inductive charging pad allows a convenient, easy to use battery charging method for mobile phones and other mobile devices. This would significantly help in the reduction of e-waste. De-cluttering of home and office space can be achieved by eliminating the need for power cords through the implementation of wireless charging system. Through this project, we intend to achieve timed power transfer between a power transmission pad and a compatible receiver in a portable device in order to charge the device’s battery. In addition to this there would be an android based application installed in the Smartphone which would help in the monitoring of the battery status and would communicate to the transmitter side to transfer only the required charging for the phone. After that the transmitter circuit would switch off thus stopping the charging and the battery could be avoided from getting overheated and overcharged. With the need to constantly plug and unplug the device eliminated, the durability of the device and its battery life would increase and its usage would become more convenient. Also GSM would provide the information about the mobile phone that is getting charged currently to another secondary cell phone via message.

Key Words

Wireless Charging, Mutual Inductance, Inductive Coupling, Mobile Device

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