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Volume 4 Issue 7
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Comparative Analysis of a Multistory Building By Response Spectrum Method And Seismic Coefficient Method.


Right from the evolution of the earth, Earthquakes have been cause great disasters in the form of destruction of property, injury and loss of life to the population. The effective design and construction of earthquake resistant structures has much greater importance in this country due to rapid industrial development and concentration of population in cities. In this project, the earthquake response of symmetric multi-storied building by two methods will be studied. The methods include seismic coefficient method and response spectrum method as recommended by IS Code 1893-2002 part I, where natural frequencies, period, base shear, lateral forces are calculated by STAAD-PRO software as well as manually by seismic coefficient method. The methods include seismic coefficient method (by empirical formula) and modal analysis using response spectrum method of IS Code in which the stiffness matrix of the building corresponding to the dynamic degrees of freedom is generated by considering the building as shear building. The responses obtained by above methods in zones IV as mentioned in IS code will be studied. Test results on Base Shears, Lateral Forces and Storied Moments will be compared.

Key Words

SRSS (Square Root Sum of Squares), Modal analysis, Response spectrum analysis, Seismic coefficient method,

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"Comparative Analysis of a Multistory Building By Response Spectrum Method And Seismic Coefficient Method.", International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (, ISSN:2349-5162, Vol.4, Issue 7, page no.44-50, July-2017, Available :

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Published In: Volume 4 | Issue 7 | Year July-2017
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Page No: 44-50
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