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Volume 4 Issue 9
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Study of solar panel cleaning system to enhance the performance of solar system


In this paper we review the various concepts to handle energy demand around the world. The use of unconventional sources is increasing rapidly for many applications. Some unconventional sources of energy are solar, wind and geothermal which are inexhaustible. Solar energy is abundant in nature and is being used for many applications like street lighting , house hold appliances(cooking), water heating, agricultural and industrial purposes. One of the ways to harness solar energy is done by using solar photovoltaic panels. The limitation in proper use of solar energy is its efficiency. The factors which affect efficiency are like dust, humidity, temperature etc. Electrical parameters of solar panel are sensitive to accumulated dust density and will affect the transmittance of the solar panel thereby reduce its overall efficiency. To deal this problem, it is necessary to clean the solar panels regularly. One of the method is to enhance the efficiency of solar panel is by removing the dust accumulated on solar panel. Cleaning of solar panels is a difficult task. The conventional way to clean the solar panels is washing them manually but it is not reliable and economical. In this regard review of various techniques is done which are currently being used to increase the efficiency or performance of these solar panels.

Key Words

Keywords: solar panel, cleaning efficiency, PV panels, Photovoltaic cell, plate efficiency

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Published In: Volume 4 | Issue 9 | Year September-2017
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Impact factor: 5.87

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