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Impact Factor : 5.87
Issues Per Year : 12
Volumes Published : 6
Issues Published : 56
No. of databases:336
Article Submitted:18511
Article Published:13123
No. of contributors:28974
Total Pages:
Total Countries: 162
Total Reviewers : 3129

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I submit my article?

Please submit your article online. Electronic submission substantially reduces the editorial processing and reviewing times and shortens overall publication times. Please click “Submit Online” on the top of the page. Click Here to submit your paper

Who is the publisher of this jornal ?

Jetir and IJPUBLICATION is a publisher for the journal.

How often is the journal published?

Monthly, a total of 12 issues per year.

What is the online ISSN?

ISSN: 2349-5162 Given by International Standard Serial Number Agency

What is AuthorHome ?

AuthorHome is an area provided to author, in which they can login with their registraion Id and registered email, in order to access all pre-publication and post-publication process. AuthorHome involves downloads of all pre/post publicaiton downloads, notifications, as well as support manager. Login To AuthorHome

How can I pay publicaiton fees?

Publication Fees can be paid using online payment portal. Click Here to Pay Publication Fees.

Why JETIR Promotes EcoFriendly ?

We care for Our presious Earth and Value for Trees, Heence To sit down within the shade, you need to save paper first. and we follow the slogan by going Eco Friendly

The Environment Benefits, But So Do I ?

Yes, of course, In addition to saving the environment, you can save time and money. Receiving Certificates and Paying online reduces your preceious time and cost of postage/printing. And with the extra time, you could plant a tree!

Why JETIR Publishes Paper at too low cost ?

As we mentioned that JETIR is promoting as EcoFriendly Journal, All our task are done online, including submission of paper, review or paper, payment and publication. We belive eliminating use of paper in order to save environment, and hence the cost at JETIR is reduced by saving money of Printing/Publication. Hence the direct benefit is availed by our authors by low publication charges.

Can I publish more than one paper for the same issue? ?

Yes, you can submit/publish more than one paper at a time even for the same issue.

My Question is not listed above..!!!

You can write us about your query at:

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Impact Factor: 5.87 Year: 2017

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