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Volume 4 Issue 5
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Analyzing the existing water distribution system of Surat using Bentley WaterGEMS


The physical infrastructure plays and vital role in urban planning. The water distribution system for potable water supply is necessary in all human life. The water distribution system supplied the water from the distribution center to the end consumer. Due to rapid urbanization, the burden on the existing network is increasing along with widening of gap between supply and consumer demand. In the Rander area of Surat city, the water is supplied to a largely populated area from a WTP based at Ugat. The pressure in network nodes are identified to be lower than the standard requirement. Surat Municipal Corporation at present, have not employed any means to measure pressure in the water distribution system on a regular or at an interval. Current work discusses simulation performed using the Bentley WaterGEMS tool for the existing system of West Zone. The WaterGEMS reveals the scenario computed about the conduit pressure, flow characteristics as discharge, velocity, head-loss and so on. Crucial locations in the study area are identified because of the simulation exercise. Focus of the study is centered at identification of locations/spots with inadequate supply pressure. A complete shift of existing database to similar tools and online monitoring using SCADA installations will certainly result in making the city yet smarter.

Key Words

Pressure, Smart water supply, Surat, Surat Municipal Corporation, Water distribution system, WaterGEMS.

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Published In: Volume 4 | Issue 5 | Year May-2017
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